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BHSM/CIR 20-21/013 26-08-2020

Circular for Classes II to VII


Hello Parents

 Hope you are all in good health. We are pleased to inform you that we are hosting a Webinar for parents of Classes II to VII entitled “Parenting in the New Normal” on Monday, 31st August 2020, 5:00 p.m. onwards.


 The session will be conducted by our school counsellors  over Zoom and we expect that it will be for an hour.  It will address our common fears and anxieties and help us to develop strategies in order that we may remain positive and help our children to do the same in these stressful times. 


The meeting link will be posted in Campus Care for security reasons.




BHSM/CIR 20-21/012 25-08-2020

Circular for Classes III to VII

Dear Parents                                                                                                                                                                 

The purpose of education is to develop  cognitive as well as interpersonal skills.  Due to the current pandemic, children are missing out on the experience of interacting with their peers. We strongly feel that our young learners should get the  opportunity  to  share their thoughts with their friends.

In order to  facilitate  the emotional and social development of our students we have decided to offer  “We Time” to them.

Starting, Saturday 29th August 2020, every Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 10 a.m. students will be able to log in to a link entitled “We Time”  in their respective Google Classrooms . Parents,  please note

We hope you will allow your ward to participate in the interaction sessions  which will allow them to develop their social skills and go a long way in restoring their emotional wellbeing.

Stay safe  

 Warm regards

M Sengupta


BHSM/CIR 20-21/011 19-08-2020

Dear Parents,

Hoping that you are all doing well.

Further to the order of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court pronounced on 17th August, 2020, all parents are hereby requested to pay school fees as directed by the Hon’ble High Court by 24th August, 2020. Fees may be paid in any of the following mode:

  •       By Cash/ Account Payee Cheque at the school’s accounts office from  11 am to 3 pm from 19th August, 2020 to 24th August, 2020 (Both days inclusive).


  •     Through NEFT, the details of which is given below: -

A/c Name             -         BIRLA HIGH SCHOOL MUKUNDAPUR

Bank Name           -         ICICI Bank

5, Gorky Terrace, Kolkata – 700 017

Account No.          -         031201003483

IFSC Code             -         ICIC0000312


In case the fee payment is made by NEFT, the details of the payment may kindly be shared with the school’s accounts office on the following email:


Further to the above, please note that the 1st Quarter Reduced Fees (April 2020 – June 2020) payable is as under:

Reduced Fees Due          80% of Due Fees

·       For Classes Nursery – VII               Rs. 23,950/-                    Rs. 18,872/-

Cooperation from all parents will be highly appreciated.


Mrs. M. Sengupta



BHSM/CIR 20-21/010 18-08-2020


Classes : Nursery, KG, Class I

Dear Parents,

Amid all the uncertainty and fear, adjusting to the new normal is overwhelming.The meaning of the word 'home' has  changed. As a parent,  your ability  to step into several different roles is commendable. Juggling office work ,household chores  and as well as keeping your child occupied and stress free is no mean task.
Keeping this in mind the counsellors of Birla High School Mukundapur have taken an initiative - to reach out to you virtually through a webinar "Parenting during the Pandemic"


The webinar will be conducted through Zoom and the meeting link will be posted in the Campus Care Portal and Google Classroom for security reason. 
Please find below the date and time--
Date: Saturday, 22nd August 2020
Time: 5:00 pm onwards

BHSM/CIR 20-21/009 07-08-2020

Dear Parents,

 The teachers will be attending an ‘Online Teacher Training Course’ to enhance their Online Teaching skills further, from Monday 17th August 2020 to Friday 21st August 2020.

 Please note that due to the above, classes will be suspended from Monday 17th August 2020 to Friday 21st August 2020.


 Mrs. M. Sengupta


 Birla High School - Mukundapur

BHSM/CIR 20-21/008 17-07-2020

Dear Parents,


This is to inform you that the  MINDSPARK programme in which students had participated in  April, May & June 2020 will re-commence from 1st August 2020. However students who wish to continue and enroll for the programme have to pay ₹. 1700/- each for the rest of the academic session payable in 3 quarters ( ₹. 600 in July’2020,  ₹. 600 in October’2020 &  ₹. 500 in January’2021).

 All students who wish to continue using MINDSPARK are to pay the 1st quarter fee of  ₹. 600/- by  24th  July 2020.


Payment details are as under :


Account Name       : Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd.


Account Number    : 006405006208


IFSC Code             : ICIC0000064


Branch Name         : Drive-In-Cinema Branch





Mrs. M. Sengupta


Birla High School - Mukundapur


BHSM/CIR 20-21/007 03-07-2020

Dear Parents,


Keeping in view the difficulty we are all facing due to the continuing pandemic, the management has decided to extend the concession in fee payment that

was offered in the first quarter (April’2020 to June’2020) to the 2nd quarter also (July’2020 to September’2020). Hence there will be no increase in the

tuition fee and co-curricular fees will also not be charged.


Students availing the transport have been offered a further reduction in the transport fees as informed in Circular No. BHSM/CIR 20-21/006 TRANSPORT

dated 30th June 2020, by the Transport operator.


Please note that parents who have already paid excess amount as fees will be given a refund of the excess amount. Refer to Circular No. BHSM/CIR 20-21/005

dated 18th June 2020, follow the same procedure to obtain the refund.

 We sincerely hope and trust that all of you remain safe.

 Please do take good care of yourselves.


Mrs. M. Sengupta


Birla High School - Mukundapur


BHSM/CIR 20-21/006 TRANSPORT 30-06-2020

Dear Parents

Further to our circular number BHSM/CIR 20-21/003 dated 29/04/2020, point 5, posted in the Newsroom, you will be happy to know that the transport fees have been further reduced.

Please click here to find  the letter sent  by the Transport vendor - Urban Paribahan  .


Birla High School Mukundapur

BHSM/CIR 20-21/005 18-06-2020

BHSM/CIR 20-21/005                                                                       18.06.2020


Dear Parents,


Some of you have paid the increased fee for the quarter April’20 to June’20.  The school is making arrangement to refund the excess amount paid by you.  Please provide the following details to accsdept_bhs.m@birlahighschool.com so that we may be able to do so.


Student’s Name     :


Class & Section      :


Student’s ID No.   :


Date of payment    :


Postal Address where you would like to receive the cheque :


Transaction details :


(a)      Transaction Ref. No.        :


(b)     Name of the Bank            :


After verification, a cheque for the refundable amount will be prepared & sent to your address.



Thanking you,



Mrs. Minnie Sengupta


Birla High School - Mukundapur


BHSM/CIR 20-21/004 18-08-2020

BHSM/CIR 20-21/004                                                                       18.06.2020


Dear Parents,


We have not been able to handover the Fee Book to you because of the lockdown.  Many of you have made the fee payment through online transaction.  However, some of you have expressed the desire to make the fee payment through Cheque or Demand Draft, hence we have made the provision for the same.


Option 1 : The school office is open from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  You may collect the Fee Book from the school office and subsequently, deposit the fees in the Bank.


Option 2 : You may take out a print of the fee requisition slip through Campus Care portal.


Please note the procedure :


Step 1:  Log on to Campus care portal via parent ID


 Step 2: Click on  Tab (On the left hand side of the screen)


Step 3: Click on sign beside the quarter you want to pay the fees for, and generate the fee requisition slip of the respective quarter.


Step 4:  Take a printout of the Fee requisition slip generated for the respective quarter.


Step 5:  Prepare a cheque/DD in the name of Birla High School Mukundapur, manually fill the cheque/DD details in all of the three copies of the fee requisition slip & deposit in any branch of ICICI BANK.


Step 6: After depositing the fee get the“School’s copy” of fee requisition slip duly stamped & signed from the Bank.


Step 7: Scan the “School’s copy” of fee requisition slip and mail the same to accsdept_bhs.m@birlahighschool.com






Please note

Parents, who would like to make monthly payment of fees, are to visit the school and deposit the fees through credit card/cash/cheque/draft.


Thanking you,


Mrs. Minnie Sengupta


Birla High School - Mukundapur