Our School


The students of Classes I upward enjoy the following fun and frolic activities held on every Wednesday afternoon collectively called Afternoon Activities.

The activities include the following

  • Dramatics - Children engage in various role plays, choir singing, dance recitals and elocution to unfurl their hidden potential.
  • Magic Fingers - Students are encouraged to create aesthetically beautiful objects by using recycled materials.
  • Young Chefs - Pupils are motivated to be trained in life skills. Learning culinary skills from a young age fosters gender equality.
  • Lego and Mechano - Building Blocks and Mechano sets enhances eye-hand coordination and triggers creativity motivating the students to create something unique and know about it through Discovery Learning.
  • Yoga and Outdoor Games - Students practice meditation and simple yoga postures followed by various outdoor games which strengthen and tone up their growing muscles.
  • Quiz - The foundation of quizzing is laid at the primary level so that the pupils develop a keen interest to sharpen their general knowledge.
  • Puppetry- How to make puppets and art of puppetry are being taught to the students. they are also taught how to control puppets with strings.

Apart from the above the pupils are also given an exposure to Pottery, Chess, Zumba and Martial Arts.