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Dear Parents,

We are planning to conduct a Karate Belt Gradation examination on 18th August, 2023 (Friday) for students with your consent (as it is optional) during school hours after their long break on the given date. The duration would be of 2.5 hours. If you desire that your ward will undertake the examination then the Belt Gradation Form needs to be duly filled (a printout needs to be taken) and submitted to School with the receipt printout of the requisite fees paid and the last Grade certificate (if any) latest by Thursday 10th August 2023. The Karate Gi (uniform) is mandatory for the examination. Students who do not have the uniform need to purchase one before the gradation examination (uniform price list attached for reference) latest by Friday 4th August 2023. The required measurements are recorded in your ward’s diary.

Also attached is the price list for Karate equipment for students participating in the relevant Annual Sports performance.

Please Note: The payment for fees and uniform are to be done online via the given QR code under the attached Fee Chart. After payment in the comment section kindly furnish the following details:

  • Name of your ward
  • Class
  • Section
  • Adm. No.

Click here to view the details of the Karate Gi and the equipments. 

Download the Examination Gradation Form