Notice List

BHSM/CIR 22-23/03327/02/2023



The yearly all round success of this institution, supplemented by the role of parents, guardians as well as well-wishers, is the testimony of maintaining ongoing progressive educational practices, in a congenial environment for betterment of the future of the student.

For the purpose of achieving these objectives for their wards, the role of parents and guardians is all the more important. However, it is also necessary for the annual restructuring of school fees to cover and make up the ever-escalating costs incurred by the institution. This is affected by way of meeting, apart from recurring establishment costs, compulsory statutory financial obligations like regular increases in payment of salaries of teachers and other staff at par with the State Government. The school’s ancillary expenses and creation of reserve fund for development purpose as mandated by the CBSE Bye-Laws, is sine qua non to fulfill the aforesaid objectives.

This is not unique for any individual educational institution of repute but universally applicable.

With these facts and circumstances in view, it becomes imperative to restructure the school fees periodically; which is considered absolutely necessary and appropriate. Viewing all aspects, Total Fees has increased by 9% for the academic session 2023 – 2024.  Kindly click on the link given below to check the fee structure posted in the website for further details--

Kindly inform the accounts office if you wish to pay the fees through ECS mode of payment, which is optional for the session 2023-2024. However, ECS mode will be mandatory from the session 2024 - 2025.