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BHSM/CIR 22-23/02403/01/2023

Annual Excursion Circular for Classes V to IX

Dear Parents,

Excursions are a key way to develop a child's confidence as he/she can explore and begin to understand the real world. This confidence is vital to his/her development because it shows that he/she has developed the necessary skills to augment his/her social quotient.

Keeping the above in mind the Annual Excursion for the students of Classes V to IX has been organized at Golden Glow on Wednesday, 18th January 2023. 

Tour Itinerary-- Report to school at 8:00 am and back to school at 4:00 pm.(Parents must make arrangements to pick up their wards from school. However they may avail the school transport while reporting to school)

Total Cost for the excursion--Rs. 700/- per head which includes transportation, breakfast, lunch, hiring charges of the resort, and all taxes.

Last Date for Registration--Tuesday 10th January 2023.

Thanking You


N.B. While all responsible measures and care for safety of students will be taken by the school, the management does not accept any liability in the course of travel by bus during excursions or in any case of accidents, theft or robbery.

Payment Process:

Registration will start from Wednesday, 5th January 08:00 Hrs and will continue till Tuesday, 10th January, 2023, 23:59 Hrs

Payment will be collected online only through the process mentioned below:-

I. For Campus Care Website / Portal users:

 Step 1:  Log on to Campus care portal via parent ID

 Step 2: Click on “Personal” Tab (On the left-hand side of the screen)

 Step 3: Click on “Event Participation”

 Step 4: Check the boxes which are applicable & make the payment.

II. For Campus Care Mobile Application users:

 Step 1: Login with Parent ID

 Step 2: Click on “Fee Payment” tab

 Step 3: Click on” Participate in an upcoming Events- Participate Now”

 Step 4: Check the boxes which are applicable & make the payment.

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