Notice List

BHSM/CIR 22-23/02319/12/2022

Dear Parents,

We are hosting our maiden Inter-School Cultural and Innovation Fest, Kaleidoscope 2022 on Wednesday, 21st December 2022 and Thursday, 22nd December 2022. Please find attached the Invitation Card for the event.

Kaleidoscope 2022, will provide a platform for the students of Classes VI to IX to nurture their potential resulting in the confluence of art and innovation.

The attendance of the students of Classes VIII and IX is mandatory. Transport service will be available, the above-mentioned students will report at normal time.

Participants from Classes VI and VII may also report at normal time. Transport facilities for bus students will be available. 

Dispersal for the above-mentioned classes at normal time.

Please note that classes from Nursery to Class VII will remain suspended on the above-mentioned dates to enable students and teachers to participate in all the activities.

Kindly click here to view the card