Notice List

BHSM/CIR 22-23/ 00204/04/2022



Notice Regarding School Fees


It has been our proud privilege to provide the best in education and personality development to our students for over 4 years and we have always received due support from all parents.

However, in the current abnormal phase the reciprocal concerns of the parents and the school go back to the early times of the setting of the pandemic, April 2020 to be more precise. We have traversed a rather rough path which has left us with issues that may take some time to be addressed fully. It has again been the solidarity between the parents and the institution which has been the hallmark of this period as also patience, mutual support and mature understanding. The school has intended throughout the pandemic to stand by the needs of the online teaching to our students and its outstanding quality that was the need of the hour. We have also been proactive in addressing and understanding difficulties of certain parents facing financial pressures, while, at all times, abiding by the directions of the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta, as issued from time to time.

 I would want to list out the measures taken from our side to build the required solidarity and understanding.

vThere has been no increase in fees since the academic session 2019-20.


vThe school had voluntarily introduced fees reduction since April 2020 to cover only those facilities that were being provided, much before the directions of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court in this regard.


vWe voluntarily waived off late fine charges and provided extensions of last dates of fee payment for the entire duration of the pandemic from April, 2020 to March, 2022.


vThe facility of making reduced fee payment on a monthly basis was introduced in October 2020 and was extended voluntarily for the entire duration of the pandemic till the instruction of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court for monthly payments which were received only in February 2022.


vWe have provided concessions over and above the 80% stipulation laid down by the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court, to those parents who deserved additional relief to the extent of providing even full waivers in certain deserving cases.


vThe planned scholarships that have been part of academic sessions have continued throughout the pandemic as hither fore.


vNo coercive action for non-payment of fees has been taken despite certain cases having long outstanding dues.


vNo members of staff have been denied their dues in the pandemic period nor any kind of pay cuts have been implemented.


vThe school has followed the orders of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court in letter and spirit despite a large fee backlog on the one hand and increasing costs due to inflationary trends in upkeep, maintenance and salary bills, especially the large increase due to the Government Sixth Pay Commission implementation, on the other.

Now that the fog of the pandemic is lifting and conditions are improving rapidly all round, the schools would be reopening in full strength from 04th April 2022. We are gearing up to welcome the full school strength and eagerly waiting to commence the physical teaching/ learning process conforming to the high standards associated with our school. The revised fees structure for Academic Session 2022-23 (which we are entitled to charge in terms of the order of the Hon’ble High Court since restriction imposed by the Hon’ble High Court is no longer applicable for the Academic Session 2022-2023 and which we believe are fair and reasonable as the structure still recognizes the difficulties enumerated above) has been intimated to you vide Fee Circular no. BHSM/CIR 21-22/037 dated 19th February 2022 including the last date of fees deposit which is 10th April 2022, and we implore you to follow this.

With our thanks once again to all parents.