Notice List

BHSM/CIR 20-21/01930/11/2020

Notice to Parents Regarding Payment of School Fees

Dear Parents,

 In these deeply troubled and testing times for all, solidarity is perhaps the best means with which to face the situation. We would like to thank the very many parents for their patience, support and mature understanding in these difficult times, particularly those who have paid school fees in time and those who have paid the full fees.

For our part, our reciprocal concerns reach back to the early days of the crisis which prompted us to take various steps, within our limitations, well before they were requested or mandated. The school has intended to stand by its students and proactively moved in taking multiple steps in accommodating and understanding difficulties of parents facing financial pressures.

The Hon’ble High Court at Kolkata directed under Para 61 Clause 18 of its Order dated that 30th November 2020 was the last date for payment of fees to ensure continuity of schooling. A large majority of parents have followed this, while a limited number applied for further concessions, which have been/are being addressed as per the said Order, and the applicants have been/are being informed individually.

For those parents who may not yet have made the payment as per the Order, we wish to inform you that in the interests of students and also for your convenience, we are voluntarily extending a limited flexibility for the month of December 2020. It is sincerely expected and requested that all dues will be cleared within our self-extended time frame upto 31st December 2020.

We respectfully again reproduce the Hon’ble High Court’s statement in its order “Parents and guardians of students are requested not to avail of the reduction in schools fees, if their financial situation does not merit the reduction. However, if any set of guardians or parents obtains the benefit, no questions in such regard can be asked”.

It is also conceivable that you may wish to consider alternative schooling venues for your ward. Therefore, in the event any parent wishes to withdraw/transfer your ward as we approach the end of the Academic Session 2020-21, kindly be informed that Para 61 Clause 20 of the said Order of the Hon’ble High Court shall be followed in this regard.

For propriety, we may mention that the overall matter of fees etc., continues to be sub-judice and hence the above is without prejudice to our right and obligations. Final orders of the Hon’ble Courts shall be applicable as and when delivered.

Stay Safe and Well.


Brig.(retd) V. N. Chaturvedi

Secretary General

Vidya Mandir Society