Notice List

BHSM/CIR 20-21/00329/04/2020





Dear Parents,


We refer to our earlier circular no. BHSM/CIR20-21/001 dated 15/04/2020, we have further taken the opportunity to examine the situation as it exists in the present context.  We now list hereunder, the policy the school has decided to follow at this time in respect of fees chargeable and their payments. 


You are of course aware of the extensive efforts being made by all our teachers to continue the classes online and we are glad that this is helping the students to keep abreast of the curriculum.  We have since received further messages of appreciation from some parents and would like to sincerely thank them for their kind words.


At the moment, as per the Government’s directive, the school will remain shut until 10th June, 2020. 


As regards the payment of fees the following is the decided position :


1.       Parents are well aware of the significant increases in costs all around, particularly in salaries and wages, as mandated by the Authorities, every year.  Our policy has been to keep increases in fees at a minimum possible level keeping in view the mandatory increases and other relevant costs.  However, in view of the present exceptional circumstances and as already advised, we shall not charge the increase announced for this year and continue charging at the same level as last year, for the time being.


2.       There will be a further additional reduction applicable from April, 2020:

Co-curricular fees for all classes will not be charged .


This charge will of course become payable once the school re-starts.


3.       Schedule of Payment : Instead of payment of fees at the beginning of each quarter, we have already advised that the last payment for the 1st quarter may be made not later than 31st July viz. in a time frame of 4 months.  This facility of relaxing payment of advance quarterly fees until a month after the quarter ends, will continue for the full year 2020-21 and no late payment charges will be levied.


4.       We will also provide the facility of accepting payments on a monthly basis, and also via credit card, should the parents so desire, by the end of each calendar month.  The payment will have to be made directly at the Accounts office of the school once it reopens.


5.       Students availing the transport will get a reduction in Transport Fees as informed by the transport provider.  Please check the Transport Tab for details.


6.       It is also informed that availing the transport (bus) is not mandatory and the earlier recommendation stands withdrawn in view of the conditions prevailing.


Please note that in case parents have already paid the fees for the first quarter, the excess amount paid by them will be adjusted in the next quarter.


Students who have taken admissions in the current year and already made payments at the higher levels, will be given appropriate adjustments in the subsequent quarters.


Before closing, we sincerely hope and trust that all of you remain safe.


Please do take good care of yourselves.


We close with our best regards to all.


Mrs. M Sengupta


Birla High School - Mukundapur