Notice List

BHSM/CIR 20-21/001 Fee Circular15/04/2020

Dear Parents
Reference  to our  circular number  BHSM/CIR 19-20/036   dated 19/02/2020   informing you   about  a nominal  increase  in the  fees which was  to be  implemented from  April  2020 . Nevertheless, the present  situation merits  a considerate  view to the extent  possible and practical.  Therefore 
● In view of the unprecedented  situation created  by  the  spread  of  COVID 19 and keeping  in line  with  the  advice  of  the  State Government of West Bengal, the  school  will  not  charge any  increased  fees for  the  time  being. 
● Instead  of  asking for  fees of the  first  quarter  in April  2020, the  last  date  for  fees payment at the  old rate , without  any late fee  charges has been  extended  up to 31st July 2020. 
The school  endeavours to stand  by  parents  and  students in  this  hour  of need and  assures  quality  instruction, the  hindrance  of COVID 19 not  withstanding.
M Sengupta 
Birla  High  School  Mukundapur