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With Changing Times, ‘Extra-Curricular’ Activities Are No Longer ‘Extra’

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The legendary American actor and film director Morgan Freeman once quoted, "When I was a teenager, I began to settle into school because I'd discovered the extracurricular activities that interested me: music and theater."


Now, the catch here is that a school is not only about imparting education. While the concept was prevalent even in the last decade, the situation is very different now. As more and more parents are following the global education trends, the scope of an ideal school has become much wider. We at BHS Mukundapur, focus on the all-round development of a student.


Our students are given ample opportunities to take part in the many extra-curricular and co-curricularactivities.  Along with academics, we provide them with the required exposure so that they excel in music, dance, and drama. Let us see how our students benefit from these extracurricular activities.




We conduct music classes twice every week and students get to learn both Western and Indian form of music. We encourage every single student to take an active part in these classes for we believe; music has a great role to play in guiding mental development in children.




We arrange dance classes once a week for every student right from nursery. We strongly believe that everybody is a dancer and that it is an important aid in self-expression at a later stage. Not only that, dancing helps to maintain a healthy body in addition to a happy mind and is a must in today’s hectic life. By bringing even the most shy child in front of an audience, we try to give each little one memories that they would cherish for life.




“All the world’s a play...”At BHS Mukundapur, we take this very seriously. Students are encouraged to tap on their inner artists at our weekly drama classes. By learning the tips of this trade, our students open their hearts to a world of possibilities, from being the wise owl to Mother Earth. When exposed to regular plays on stage, children learn to memorise better, speak in front of an audience without hesitation and learn to be team players. All virtues that’ll help them greatly in the longer run.


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