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Why Yoga should be a Part of Regular Co-Curricular Activities in Schools

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All of us are well aware of the benefits of Yoga and what wonders it can do to our mind and body if we practice it regularly. Many of us often think of taking it up and practicing it again but fail to do so due to lack of time and energy. All it takes is a regular practice and most of us are not trained to do it since childhood.

We can, however, ensure a healthier future for our kids and try to inculcate Yoga in their daily activities. How? Get started with a school that promotes and teaches Yoga on a regular basis, because school is the place where your child spends most of his time.

Yoga at school


Benefits of learning Yoga

  • Build a healthy habit early: Ensure your kid’s upbringing takes off a healthy start by helping them adapt to healthy habits. With Yoga, your child will always remain physically active and grow up to be hale and hearty.

  • Stay in shape: Obesity in kids is a common menace every Indian parent is struggling with nowadays. You wouldn’t want your child to be a part of that menace, would you? Make sure your kid stays in shape naturally with Yoga.

  • Boost physical strength: Whether your child wants to grow up to be a sportsperson or an engineer, he/she will always thank you for boosting his/her their physical agility with the asanas they get to practice every day.

  • Improve concentration: We all know how important it is to stay focused while studying. You don’t have to go the extra mile to feed this habit in your child. Yoga will improve concentration. 

  • Stave off anxiety: Your child must be coping with a lot of competitive stress to outsmart their peers already. Yoga entails regular breathing and meditation practices and this can essentially help your child to stay calm and deal with the daily drill better.


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