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Top 4 Reasons to Send Your Child to A Green School

Tue 4 Jun 2019 Category : About BHSM | Posted By : admin


Before we talk about the 4 reasons for which you should send your child to a green school, you should have a basic idea of what a “green school” is all about.


In simple words, a “green school” is an educational institution which creates and maintains a healthy and hygienic environment in its premises for both teachers and students.


Now once you have understood what the concept of green school is all about, let us quickly take you through 4 important reasons why you should consider sending your child to one!


  1. Improved Health Condition

When your child starts going to a green school, he/she gets the privilege of studying in a healthy and hygienic surrounding. This is because “green schools” are built considering several factors like advanced ventilation system, more exposure to advanced daylight, discarding the usage of VOC carpets and paints, etc.


  2. Better Community Connection and Learning 

It is seen that “green schools” encourage higher student engagement rate and lesser disciplinary issues. In addition to this, such schools meet up to the expectations of parents in terms of academic excellence by inculcating a series of good habits and providing optimal learning environments.


  3. Scope for Experiential Learning

 Green schools are the bridge between your child and experiential learning. Each and every student you find in reputed green schools can avail the opportunity for hands-on training and learning.


  4. Access to Nature and Greenery

 Green schools are constructed in such a manner that your child doesn't find themselves uncomfortable and claustrophobic in a concrete jungle. The classrooms have large windows overlooking the outside greenery which will have a positive impact on your child.


On top of that “green schools” exhibit plush green schoolyards for students.


In 2019, Kolkata is home to numerous “green schools” and BHS Mukundapur is one of the significant flag bearers of the league. The institution has set a benchmark to what an ideal “green school” should be.


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