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Tips to Teach Best Hygiene Practices to Your Kid

Thu 7 May 2020 Category : General | Posted By : admin

From nibbling the remote control to binging on junk food (often with dirty hands), we are well aware of how vulnerable our kids are to poor hygiene habits.


This is why you should teach your kids to distinguish between good and bad hygiene practices. Don’t worry; you don’t have to think long and hard for this. We have you covered with the best hygiene practices to ensure a healthier future for your child.


  • Physical hygiene   


Start with the basics. Your child is always doing things you are not even aware of. You can start with washing hands with soap or sanitizer before and after every meal.

Whether you kid loves it or hates it, you should make sure bathing is a part of the daily routine. Inculcate the habit of scrubbing their body thoroughly, especially the armpits and genital areas. Always keep the bathroom clean and if need be decorate the walls with a little something your child likes.

Sneezing and coughing is quite a common symptom in kids. What’s needed is covering the face every time they do it.

Does your child have a bad habit of biting nails? Whether they do it or not, every parent should clip out their nails at least once a week to keep those grubby germs at bay.  


  • Oral hygiene


Encourage your kid to brush the teeth after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Help your child learn the right strokes and moves when using the brush.


  • Hair care


Your child might not be able to differentiate between a greasy and oily hair. Implanting the habit of washing hair at least thrice or four times a week is really important. Also, kids are very vulnerable to hair lice infestation and it’s your responsibility to keep a regular tab and get it treated immediately.    


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