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The Art of Picking up the Best School

Tue 17 Sep 2019 Category : General | Posted By : admin

How do parents choose a school for their children so that the latter would receive an educational experience, rewarding for all? There are some important questions to consider during the process of picking up a school. We’re going to discuss them in brief.

Section 1: Your Child and your Family


Parents know their children better than anyone else. Some students have special learning needs. If so, opt for the schools that meet the requirements.


Some students perform at their best in structured classrooms. Structured classrooms offer a secure environment for students that they experience in their homes. In a structured classroom, teachers maintain discipline without stopping students to enjoy the freedom of expression. Lack of discipline can lead to abuse of freedom. It can destroy the sanctity of learning environment leading to chaos and wastage of time. Hence, it’s most likely that students thrive and grow their potentials in a structured classroom.


Section 2: Collect All Information


We refer to friends and family members while purchasing lifestyle devices or something like that, and here, we’re talking about choosing the perfect educational institute for your child. No wonder, there’s no short cut to detailed research. Old school method would have been to call the schools or physically visit them and collect brochures or look for school reviews published in local newspapers.       


You can do away with all of the above-mentioned methods and simply visit the school website to gather all the information.


Along with schools’ academic records, parents must also consider evaluating the extracurricular activities schools participate in. For example, best schools in Kolkata regularly participate in inter-school debate and quiz competitions and indoor/ outdoor sports activities.


Section 3: Services and Facilities


Today, the world of learning has gone through a revolutionary change. Inspiring infrastructure along with state-of-the-art devices and scientific equipment for carrying out experiments in science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology are a few mandatory amenities, every school must provide.


Even the best of services and facilities are meaningless if the school fails to offer security, a basic service, to every individual student. Given a spiralling number of criminal activities within school premises, there is a greater need for security equipment like CCTV cameras, GPS-enabled school buses, etc. Parents must take note of this amenity and give it the highest priority while choosing a school.


Parting Thoughts


A well-thought-out plan is what parents need. Finding the best school is not at all difficult in the age of the internet.      

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