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Ensure Safe Transit for Your Child with BHSM School Bus Services

Wed 24 Apr 2019 Category : Transport | Posted By : admin



When it comes to sending your child to school, safety takes the top spot, isn’t it? How often do you rack your brains to make sure your child reaches school safely and on time? This is where the bus services designed exclusively for school kids come to play. The school bus services of Birla High School, Mukundapur assure everything you would want for your child’s transit to school and back home. Here are the top features you should know when considering transportation options for your young one.

BHSM school bus facilities are aligned with the top bus service model in the city. It runs through a highly-acknowledged transport operator that caters exclusively to the students of the city. The bus services are within the purview of the parents as they can directly hire the facility with intermediate assistance of the school authorities.

Followed by a consultation with the school authorities, the parents or guardians can easily hire the services after complying with terms and conditions of the transport operators. The fleet is well-equipped with modern facilities such as air conditioner, anchored seating arrangement, and other essential equipments imperative for your child’s safety.

The flexible pick-up routes and timings is a plus. Whether you stay in the North or southern part of the city, the fleet covers different pickup points on all sides. You can view the tentative routes and timings here.

All school buses are powered with GPS system. So you can track your child on the go. This is just to ensure your peace of mind while your child is away from you. Affordable fee structure is also one of the key reasons you should avail the bus service. You will be charged on a monthly basis depending on the pickup points you choose. Click here to view the fees as per the respective zone.

You can have a look at the transport admission procedure before applying for this hassle-free conveyance. You can also download the form online if you wish to apply immediately. For further assistance, please get in touch with Mr. Bhuban Sen (7595064684) and Mr. Sourav Ch Nath (7595064683).

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