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CBSE v/s ICSE - How are they different and which is a better pick for your child?

Thu 7 May 2020 Category : Admission Tips | Posted By : admin

Choosing the right school for your children is one of the most crucial decisions you take as a parent. The different education boards in India- CBSE, ICSE and all the other state boards follow different curriculum structures and thus, become important aspects that help parents to choose the right school.

Especially, with the admission season closing in on us, here are the 4 points that will help you decide if you want an ICSE or CBSE school for your child

1. Medium of Education

Did you know, CBSE is perhaps the only board which allows English, Hindi and vernacular languages as the medium of instruction? This is not the case with ICSE, which follows a strict Anglicized pattern of education. While for most parents, English is the choice of language but this flexibility is a major deal stealer with CBSE.

2. Recognition of the board

A degree from CBSE is recognized by the Government of India unlike ICSE. While, both have global acceptance, CBSE is more readily recognized in the Indian subcontinent.

3. Curriculum Content

Future projection, this is a factor which you should certainly not ignore if you are planning to get your child admitted to a school. CBSE schools have their course curriculum designed in such a manner that in the long run, it would help your little one to crack national level entrance examinations. 

4. Private and regular schooling

CBSE is one of the most popular boards all over the country and many parts of the world. The number of schools affiliated under CBSE is larger than ICSE and gives the scope of private schooling as well as regular schooling.

Which is better for your child?

Now that we have seen the major differences between the two boards, it is important to understand which one works for your child. It is very important to understand that every child is different in terms of their learning abilities, requirements and future aspirations.

For instance, if your child enjoys doing crafts, CBSE should be your choice as the board gives ample opportunities to hone this skill. Traditionally, CBSE is known to put maximum emphasis on mathematics and science as compared to ICSE which gives equal importance to literature and arts subjects. So, it is important to analyze which subjects appeal to your child the most.

Make an informed decision for your child.

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