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8 Effective Tips to Improve Your Child’s Memory and Concentration

Tue 12 May 2020 Category : Extra-curricular | Posted By : admin

It’s not a child's play to manage your child, isn’t it? 


While we have significantly made headway towards a ‘scroll through’ age, we can’t really blame if our little ones are hooked on to those little devices most of the time. Most of us must have noticed how challenging our kids find it to lend undivided attention to academics as they are either busy playing video games or binge-watching some random videos on the internet.


If you could relate to this situation and struggling hard to help your child turn aside from those baleful tech-addiction habits, you can take your cue from these nifty tips.


1. Make studying fun: Make your child understand that studying can be as cool as playing video games. The more they score well, the more they get one level-up with each exam.


2. Colour play: Encourage your kid to play with colours because recognizing colours is an important part of a child’s development and build up focus.


3. Yoga practice: While most of the schools incorporate physical education, very few include Yoga in their regular regime. Regular asana practices will flex your child’s mental and physical muscles and you will notice a significant change in his or her concentration.   


4. Encourage abacus training: From boosting cognitive skills to improving numerical capabilities, you will definitely observe an upsurge in your child’s attention span with habitual abacus training.


5. Method in music: A few of you might disagree but a couple of music classes every week can actually contribute positively to the intellectual growth of your child.


6. Read out loud: Take some time out from your busy schedule and read out interesting stories to your child. This will not only enhance his or her listening skills but also inspire to focus on studies.


7. Check food habits: It is very important to instil healthy food habits in your children as good food is crucial to influence both mind and body. Try fun ways to offer those invaluable proteins, antioxidants, and greens your child can’t say no to.


8. Quiz time: Just like your child loves playing games on your mobile phone, try convincing them what wonders quizzing can do in a similar way. This is not only a great way to sharpen their concentration power but also improve their general knowledge.

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