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7 Reasons Your Child should Learn Abacus

Tue 12 May 2020 Category : General | Posted By : admin

Arithmetic can be fun!


While some of you may not agree, some may go a bundle on solving those riddling numerical problems anytime they are asked to. Chances are, the ones belonging to the latter league may have started off with a fun counting tool in their formative years. Rings a bell? The tool is called Abacus.


Although there is an array of other techniques, Abacus can be easily considered to be one of the most fun ways to learn arithmetic. Let’s find out why abacus should be a part of your child’s daily routine.


1. Improves cognitive abilities: Practicing number-play with the beads not only helps to sharpen your child’s numerical skills but also boost his/her reasoning abilities.


2. Simplifies mathematics: The beads in the tool are strategically placed to enable simplistic mathematical calculations in a fun way.


3. Enhances problem solving skills: Higher level of numerical practice is very important in the learning process. So whenever your child is expected to solve a problem, he/she will adapt to a more fluid approach with regular abacus training. 


4. Boosts memory: A good memory is really important to perform well in studies. Abacus learning begets mental work out and this will aid in improving your child’s memory.


5. Stimulates creativity: Imagination and creativity will go hand in hand if you encourage your child to practice this mind-stimulating tool.


6. Amps up accuracy: To err is human and you can’t expect your child to be spot on either. However, your child will be much more aware of the mistakes he/she makes with consistent abacus exercises.


7. Augments concentration: If your child’s overall development will stand on a robust learning foundation, you will ensure a higher level of concentration power. Abacus easily takes the responsibility to do the needful and improve your little one’s overall performance in school.


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