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3 benefits of having smart classrooms in school

Thu 7 May 2020 Category : Infrastructure | Posted By : admin

Before we talk about the advantages, let us quickly see what the concept of “smart classrooms” is all about.


Smart classrooms are classrooms which are enhanced by advanced technology. Here the age old concept of learning directly from the black / whiteboard is replaced by advanced teaching patterns. Using audio and visual elements, a smart classroom expands the horizon of learning extensively.


Here are 3 benefits which your child can enjoy if he/she goes to a school which has smart classrooms.


1. Flexible Learning


When you put your child in a school which has smart classrooms, you can be rest assured that he/she will have the scope to learn new things from different media platforms. Since, all children have a different learning pattern, smart classrooms allow teachers to experiment and see which one works the best for each child.


2. Scope of Lesson Repetition


Your kid might be the brightest one in the class, but there are others who might take more time to understand a particular chapter taught in class. Smart classrooms give an opportunity for repeated learning to those who need a little more time to grasp, making the situation fair for all.



Educational modules in the form of encrypted data are stored and used to help students who need time to understand a particular topic. The recordings are displayed and explained time and again till each and every student of the class understands the topic in its entirety.

3. Environment-Friendly Classroom Ambience


Smart classes abide “go-green” campaigns. They introduce learning modules via notebooks, laptops and tablets and on the other hand minimize or eliminate the use of pen and paper. This is called “green learning” and is a much needed initiative in recent times.



Click here to find out more about the smart classrooms at BHS - Mukundapur. 

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